This interactive data visualization looks at the margins of victory during every Super Bowl ever played. As of 2017, 51 Super Bowls have been played with the NFC winning 26 times and the AFC winning 25 times. The highest margin of victory in Super Bowl history was Super Bowl XXIV when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos by 45 points (55 to 10). Interestingly, the lowest margin of victory was one year later when the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills by a single point (20-19).

To read this visualization, the circle on top is the winning score for each Super Bowl, the circle on the bottom is the losing score for each Super Bowl, and the gray line is the margin of victory / defeat. The circles are color-coded with red representing the AFC and blue representing the NFC.  The end user can click the color legend in the top left corner of the visualization to highlight scores for the AFC or NFC. They can also hover over any data point to get the Super Bowl number, point total per team, and margin of victory.

The data for this visualization were sourced from Wikipedia. You can visit the page by clicking the link in the bottom left corner of the visualization.

Interactive Data Visualization: Super Bowl Margins of Victory