This visualization provides a schedule and map of Tableau presentations and training events with Ryan Sleeper in 2017. Hovering over the 90-day timeline or map will highlight the event; clicking on an event will bring you to the registration (when applicable).

The full list of events is also under the visualization. Events will be added regularly throughout the year, so please subscribe to stay in touch. If you’re interested in a Tableau presentation or training with Ryan, please contact

Ryan Sleeper’s 2017 Tableau Presentation, Training, and Conference Schedule

2/15/2017 – Public Presentation: Milwaukee Tableau User Group Meeting
2/16/2017 – Public Presentation: Madison Tableau User Group Meeting
2/27/2017 – Private Training: Orlando, Florida
3/1/2017 – Public Conference: St. Augustine, Florida
3/16/2017 – Public Presentation: Chicago Tableau User Group Meeting
3/17 – 3/18/2017 – Private Training: Columbia, Missouri
3/28/2017 – AIM Infotec Conference: Omaha, Nebraska
4/12/2017 – Analytics Innovation with Tableau: Leawood, Kansas
4/20/2017 – Public Presentation: Omaha Tableau User Group Meeting
4/26/2017 – Public Presentation: Des Moines Tableau User Group Meeting
4/27/2017 – Public Presentation: Eastern Iowa Tableau User Group Meeting
5/16/2017 – Tableau Training and Barbecue Event: Overland Park, Kansas (Part 1)
5/17/2017 – Tableau Training and Barbecue Event: Overland Park, Kansas (Part 2)
5/19/2017 – University of Cincinnati Analytics Summit: Cincinnati, Ohio
5/23/2017 – Public Presentation: Boston Tableau User Group Meeting
5/25/2017 – Public Presentation: Philadelphia Tableau User Group Meeting
6/20 – 6/21/2017 – Public Conference: Chicago, Illinois
10/9 – 10/13/2017 – Public Conference: Las Vegas, Nevada