Project Rally Mantis was created to track the Kansas City Royals’ prospects of reaching the 2016 MLB Playoffs for a chance to defend their World Series title. If you would like to follow along throughout the rest of the season, simply bookmark / visit – which will open a full screen version of the interactive data visualization.

I created this for the community of loyal Kansas City Royals fans, but also as a way to practice many of the new features that were just released in Tableau Public 10, including:

– Google Sheets integration; this visualization is powered by two different Google Sheets that import data from
– Device Designer; you will get a different experience based on the device you are using
– New Tableau Book fonts; I found strings to be eerily similar to the Corbel font I have often used in the past, but numbers look much better in Tableau’s version
– New color palettes; I chose yellow from Jewel Loree‘s Jewel Bright palette to highlight the champs

To interact with the visualization, start by selecting the number of wins the Royals will need to make the playoffs based on your level of optimism. By default, number of wins needed to make the playoffs is set to 90.

On desktop, you can hover over any data point on the line graph to see how many wins the Royals had at various points in the season. You can also hover over the circles, which represent a schedule of remaining games, to see the Royals remaining opponents and their current form. On a mobile device, you can get the same information by clicking on data points.

On both desktop and mobile, clicking on the standings table will highlight the team in the visual standings.

Interactive Data Visualization: Project Rally Mantis