If you’ve ever heard me talk about Tableau, at some point the conversation likely turned to my love for Tableau Public. Tableau Public is such a great way to learn Tableau, and I credit the product as possibly the biggest contributor to my career thus far. And the fact that it’s free still blows my mind.

Within the last couple of years, Tableau Public came out with Tableau Public profile pages and a view counter under each thumbnail in the profile’s portfolio. Tableau Public has tracked the view count for every viz for as long as I can remember, but this counter was a nice addition that made it much easier to compare the view performance across all of the data visualizations in a portfolio. This can be seen on any Tableau Public profile, but here’s Ryan Sleeper’s Tableau Public page in case you need a visual.

While this is certainly a value-add (is it still called a value-add if it’s already free??), it’s still challenging to calculate the total number of viz views. This is especially true if you have more than ten or so visualizations to add up.

I think after about my fourth or fifth Tableau Public visualization, I set an arbitrary goal of some day reaching the one million views milestone. This seemed practically impossible at the time, but a hit here and a hit there, followed by The Cost of Attending the 2015 World Series – and here it is looking like a reasonable goal! I know, I know (and genuinely believe)… views do not mean everything and popularity definitely doesn’t determine what’s good in this world (I won’t mention any specific “musicians” by name). But I’m curious! So about once every three or four months, I would go to my Tableau Public profile page and add up the views across all of my visualizations. This helped cure my curiosity but was also practical to see if there were any big moves that weren’t on my radar.

Now that Tableau Public 10 is out with the ability to connect to Google Sheets, I have been doing  a lot of experimenting with web scraping and data imports. I decided to finally create a little app to track my Tableau Public viz views. I was surprised at how many learning opportunities / chances to practice came out of this one including not only web scraping, but layout containers, joins, mobile-first design, dual-axis bar charts, callout numbers, groups, and dashboard actions. I plan to do a Tablueprint on this one soon, where I explain the making of the data visualization, so please subscribe if you want me to send you that.


Tablueprint 2: My Tableau Public Viz Views is now available! Learn how to make a Tableau Public visualization view tracker, how to make a progress to goal gauge in Tableau, how to create capped bar charts, and more.

Read the Tablueprint

This interactive data visualization shows the total number of views my Tableau Public visualizations have received, progress to my goal of reaching one million views, view counts for every viz, and the highest Tableau Public honor each viz has received. The end user can hover over the bar chart to see the name and rank of the visualization and click on any bar to view the full interactive version of the data visualization.

The data for this visualization was sourced from my Tableau Public profile page using import.io and imported into Google Sheets.

Interactive Data Visualization: My Tableau Public Viz Views