This is an interactive data visualization that shows the percentile ranks of all US household incomes between $2,000 and $450,000. By default, the visualization is set to the median US household income of $55,000. The end user has the ability to use the slider under the household income amount to choose any household income between $2,000 and $450,000. Upon changing the location of the slider, the household income amount will update and the amount will be represented on the curve with a caption of that specific household income’s ranking. A household income of $2,000 falls into the first percentile, or a percentile ranking of 99. A household income of $450,000 is in the 99th percentile, or a percentile ranking of first.

This visualization was created with Tableau Public version 10.0. A parameter was used to allow the end user to choose their own household income and a dual-axis combination chart was used to display a line graph and dot plot together on the same view. I intend to eventually do a Tablueprint on this visualization where I show you step by step how it was created; if you would like me to send you that, please subscribe.

While this visualization was created for the first time in Tableau, I cannot take credit for the concept or data. This is a remake of a CNN Money calculator that I admired. I rebuilt this interactive version because I found the data very interesting and wanted to see what I could do with the formatting of the parameters in Tableau to create similar effects.

Interactive Data Visualization: How does your household income rank?