The Fastest People on Earth

The Fastest People on Earth 2018-02-13T03:04:13+00:00

This interactive data visualization shows the race time for every medalist in the Olympics 100-meter event. This event began in 1896 for men and 1928 for women. I was inspired to make this visualization by this infographic from the New York Times. I wanted to take their well-done piece a couple of steps further by including women and making the results interactive.  The user can click on Men or Women in the top left corner of the visualization to filter the track accordingly. The user can also hover over any data point to see the athlete, time, country, year, and medal won. I was aiming for a minimalist design with great user experience. I challenged myself to complete the visualization from start to finish in one hour (which I almost accomplished).

The data for this visualization was sourced from You can view the data source and inspiration for this visualization by clicking the links at the bottom.

Interactive Data Visualization: The Fastest People on Earth